Anne Margrethe Hjelvik lives at Nesodden, Oslo. She is a painter known for her untraditional use of motives. Making use of elements of surrealism, Anne creates perspective and room in her paintings. She has always been creative and had an urge for expressing herself through art. Unfortunately, it took a bit of time before Anne was ready and able to express her inner creativity in a productive way. “Rounding 45, I needed to take a pause and reconsider my life. After many years working in the music industry I found myself wondering if I was running out of time. I had reached a crossroad. I could either choose to follow the same path, the safe choice of life, or I could allow my inner artist to blossom. I decided to make a leap of faith – it was now or never”, Anne says. Thus in 2003 she entered the art program at Nydalen Kunstskole in Oslo, and felt revitalized.

Anne describes her studies as a sort of awakening. She had always been fond of, and interested in art, but for the first time in her life Anne realized that her greatest inspiration came from within. The program allowed her to start from scratch, learning color combinations, shape and compositions. The art classes mainly focused on abstract, non figurative compositions. Despite this, Anne soon realized that her greatest talents were within figuration.

Now, countless paintings and exhibitions later, her paintings tend to exhibit a mix of figuration and abstraction. Being a team player, Anne shares a studio with a group of visual artist. According to her, the fellowship keeps her on her toes and continuously inspires to further development.



Inspired by music


I love working in my studio. I always put on loud and busy music, and allow myself to experiment with colors and brushes while using the music´s energy as fuel. The rythm allows me to enter into my own private bubble, where time and space seize to exist. I usually warm up with heavy rhythms, before tuning into more calm and soothing music for the finishing touches, Anne says.

Anne explains how pictures or ideas that from into new paintings seemingly hits her without any warning. Actually, they tend to arrive around the time she goes to sleep at night or while waking up in the morning. When the idea hits her, she rushes to make a note of it, to avoid her ideas from slipping away during the night. That is why she always keeps a notebook close to her bed.

Anne was born and raised at the stunning northwestern coast of Norway, an area known for tall and steep mountain walls, deep, beautiful and calm fjords, and the wild and dramatic sea. The contrasting and ever-changing scenery that influenced Anne´s childhood in such a profound way still tends to be reflected in the expression of her paintings. As a result, Anne´s surreal motives always have a clearly defined nerve and contrasting elements.

Although loving surrealism and contrasting elements, she also has a strong search for peace and harmony within herself. She often finds herself creating painting that incorporate and balance between harmony and disorder. This is Anne´s way of expressing what most people can relate to, the search for peace and harmony in a life filled with stress and demands. Her message is that everyone has to stop once in a while to reflect on where they are headed with their life, and whether their choices are bringing them closer to where they want to be.



In dialog with the viewers


I want to use my paintings as a way of starting dialog with the viewers. Maybe he or she can discover something new in my paintings that I haven´t thought of while painted it. I find this thought interesting and reassuring, since the painting in my opinion is not finished before it touches a person. This exchange of different feelings and experiences with other people inspires me as an artist, Anne says.

And she adds that she always tries to leave something to her viewer´s imagination.

Interview by Gry Larsson, Drøbak

Artistic education and memberships

2003 – 2005 Nydalen Tegne- og Maleskole, Oslo with Roar Werner Eriksen and Marcus Brendmoe.

Jury recommended member of NFUK (Norwegian Association of Independent Artists)

Part of the artist group “Ugress” 

Nesodden Art Association
Drøbak Art Association


2015    Galleri D6, Ås Kunstforening
2018    Galleri Rød Herregård, Halden
2015    Galleri Steiner, Vienna, Austria
2014    Artifact, New York, USA
2012    Fredriksvern verft, Stavern
2011    Galleriet i Frognerveien 44, Oslo, 
2010    Galleri Milda, Molde 
2009    Galleri Strandgade, Bornholm, Denmark
2008    Galleri Theresesgate, Oslo 
2008    Flasken Kunstcafé, Nesodden 
2007    Galleriet, Ulsteinvik
2006    Galleri Vera, Drøbak



2017    NFUK Biennale 2017, Stavern
2016    NFUKs Landsutstilling i Rådhusgalleriet, Oslo Rådhus
2016    NFUKs Landsutstilling i Nes Kulturhus, Årnes
2014    NFUKs Landsutstilling i Rådhusgalleriet, Oslo Rådhus
2014    NFUKs Landsutstilling i Stavern 
2013    Biennalen i Chianciano, Italy  
2011    Barcelona Showcase, Spain 
2011    Biennalen i Chianciano, Italy
2011    NFUKs Landsutstilling, Rådhusgalleriet Oslo
2008-2011  Copehagen Art Fair, Denmark
2009    NFUK’s Landsutstilling, Drøbak
2008    NFUK’s Landsutstilling, Drammen

Kommende utstillinger


Galleri D6, Ås Kunstforening
7. - 15. september 2019
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Anne Margrethe Hjelvik (maleri) 
Ingun Dahlin (keramikk)

Tidligere utstilliner

Galleri Rød Herregård, Halden
Anne Margrethe Hjelvik (maleri) 
Ingun Dahlin (kunsthåndtverker)
14. - 22. april 2018
Homepage  Facebook

5 kunstnere i Rådhusgalleriet, Oslo Rådhus
Anne Margrethe Hjelvik, Henriette Sonne, Ingrid Solesvik, Kirsten Selmer og 
Tobbe Malm
18 november - 7  desember 2017

NFUKs Landsutstilling og Biennale 2017, Stavern
1 - 23  juli 2017

Dalalåven Atelier, Rindal
1 - 9 juli 2017 

Galleri Steiner, Austria
Vienna, 19.november - 12. desember 2015 
Homepage    Facebook


Lerkekåsa Vingård & Galleri, Gvarv i Telemark 
4. - 26. juli 2015
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Cafe M, Tønsberg
27. februar  - 31. mars 2015  
Homepage    Facebook   


Trygve Lie Gallery, New York
4th November 2014 - 15th Januar 2015 
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Artifact, USA
New York, 6th - 23th November 2014 
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NFUKs Landsutstilling i Rådhusgalleriet i Oslo
Oslo, 23. september - 5. oktober 2014 
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NFUKs Landsutstilling 2014 
Stavern, 5. - 27. Juli 2014 
Homepage    Facebook

Art Monaco 2014
Monaco, 24. - 27. april 2014 
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Nesoddhuset, Artist of the month
Fagerstrand, 4. - 30. april 2014 
Homepage    Facebook

Galleri Vanntårnet
Nesodden, 8. - 16. februar 2014 
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Biennale of Chianciano, Italy
Chianciano, 7th – 14th September 2013 
Catalogue - Facebook   Homepage 


Solo exhibition
Mønstringsboden, Fredriksvern Verft

Stavern, 7th - 13th July 2012

Art group "Ugress" showing the exhibition "TREES"  
, 15th June  - 5th July 2012

Galleri Festiviteten
Eidsvoll Værk, March - April  2012


Barcelona Showcase, Spain
, 10th Desember 2011
International Exhibition of Contemporary Art
Casa Batllo, Barcelona
Homepage - Facebook


Solo exhibition
Galleriet i Frognerveien 44

Oslo, 14th - 26th October 2011


Biennale of Chianciano, Italy
Chianciano, 17th – 24th September 2011
Catalogue - YouTube 

Jeg er juryert medlem av Norsk Forening for Uavhengige Kunstnere (NFUK)

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